6 Interesting facts about casinos


For most people casinos and gambling, in general, is an activity that generates excitement and pleasure. You can play in real casinos or online, with thousands of different games with unique visual design and mechanics available for you. If you also consider yourself a fan or even a regular visitor of casinos, we believe you will appreciate the following six interesting facts about casinos. Casino guru helped us find these facts!

1. Casinos do not like clocks

It may come as a surprise to many of us, but modern casinos are designed in such a way that they turn time into an unimportant factor. Look around a real-world casino and we can almost promise you that no clock will be in sight. The clocks in casinos are generally hidden and lackluster, which makes them inconspicuous. Only the employees carry phones or watches to know when their shift is ending.

This is because the owners do not want to remind anyone of the fact that sometimes hours pass like minutes during a gambling spree.

2. The most popular casino games  are Blackjack, Baccarat, and Slot machines

Although there are many games that can be found in casinos, these three games stand out as the most popular. These are also the simplest to understand and play. They require no special skills or knowledge about numbers or playing cards if you just want to enjoy the game. Generally speaking, they’re just guessing games although, in Baccarat and Blackjack, you can employ strategies. Slot machines are simple to play because the only input you need to make is a bet (with an optional line number), and trying to guess if you will win or not.

3. Slot machines generate more revenue than table games

Modern casinos rely on slot machines because these are simply too profitable for them to ignore. Slot machine players are known for being very loyal to their favorite games, especially because they’re easy to understand and play. As a result, these slot machines generate more revenue for casinos than all the table games combined. Their payout rates vary from around 90 to 98%.

4. The odds are never in your favor

As an average player, you will usually lose more money at the casino than win back home! This is simply not something that can be avoided and no one is exempt from it. The best we can do as players is to calculate our bets and risks, so we know when to bet big and when to give it a rest for the day.

5. Casinos are afraid of cardsharps

There’s a common belief that card sharks cheat casinos by counting cards until they win. Although this is possible to do, it’s not that common or an easy thing to accomplish. Casinos have adapted their rules against card counting because of this belief and they now protect themselves using special ‘shuffle tracking’ computer algorithms designed to detect players who can count cards.

6. Casinos are extremely profitable businesses

The first modern casino was allegedly established in the 17th century, by King Louis XIII of France. Since then casinos have multiplied throughout the world, generating impressive revenue for the businesses that own them. For example, some popular casinos in Las Vegas are so profitable and well-known, they not only feed entire local economies (some studies estimate their impact to be around 100 billion dollars per year), they also attract tourists from all over the world. MGM Grand, Bellagio are the obvious standouts.

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