Countries You Are Not Allowed To Gamble In When You Are Travelling

Gambling can be a highly fun activity which millions of people worldwide enjoy, but there are places where it is illegal. When you travel, you will need to be careful if you like to gamble and ensure you do not break the law of the country you visit. If you will be heading abroad soon and want to play casino games or have a bet, you will need to check the laws on gambling in the country you are visiting. Below are some countries where gambling is illegal or highly restricted to help you plan your overseas adventure and stay safe online.


Thailand is a country where most forms of gambling are illegal, but there are exceptions. Although there are gambling websites, technically, it is illegal to play games such as สล็อต XO 88 online, so you need to be careful when playing casino games online. You are allowed to bet at the horse races, and there is a government lottery, but all other forms of gambling are controlled, but there are still plenty of places where you can gamble illegally.


Another popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia that has banned all forms of gambling is the island nation of Singapore. However, there are exceptions to the law also in this country, and some gaming operators receive an exemption from the government and are allowed controlled forms of gambling. Places like the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools have this special dispensation, but it is banned in all other locations. You can click here for more detailed information on the laws controlling gambling in Singapore.

United Arab Emirates

It is no surprise that gambling is considered illegal in the United Arab Emirates as it is a practice that is also banned in the religion of Islam. Most Islamic countries have banned gambling, although many often turn a blind eye to it, so it does happen. However, in the United Arab Emirates, it is strictly controlled, including online gambling, and if you are caught playing online, you can face up to two years in prison. If you plan a visit anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, give your online gambling games a break and do not risk getting caught.


It is also illegal to gamble in Lebanon, but as with many countries, there are exceptions, so you can still play games if you wish online. All forms of gambling are illegal in Lebanon, and casino websites are blocked in the country, except for the one online gambling website which is authorised. There is also one casino you can visit to play all your favourite casino games, and there is also a casino ship that will take you out into international waters so you can gamble safely within the law.

These are a handful of the countries where it is illegal to gamble, but as you can see, there are often still ways you can play, some more legal than others. When travelling somewhere new and you like to gamble online, ensure you do your homework and check the legality of online gaming before you arrive to avoid breaking the law.