Overview of Common Casino Games Listed on Gambling Websites


Gambling means taking risk and many people find it thrilling and exhilarating. Today, statistically speaking online gambling sector has reached multi-billion dollar. Besides fun, people find it to be the best pastime because they don’t need to get dressed and drive towards the local land-based casinos to indulge. Enjoy playing from their own home and convenience to access it from anywhere around the world with a strong Wi Fi connection and Smartphone.

Beyond sheer pleasure there is the covert attraction of wealth and status, which go hand-in-hand. Players get to earn rewardingly just like in land-based casinos. However, the experience is much better than real casinos. Players can place their bats and even chat with new friends without cheesy music or cigar smoke blowing in your face.

 One thing is certain that situs judi online don’t experience game shortage because new games get launched every now and then. With a few clicks you can play different, new, and unique game at an online casino offering hundreds to thousands of varieties. The question that concerns many beginners is how to play all the plethora of games available online.

Overview of common casino games listed on gambling websites

Each casino website lists their games in different way. Basically, common games you will find are given below.


For years slot machines were enjoyed in real casinos but online slots also offer the same quality of fun. Just like in real casinos, you place bet online and pull virtual lever. Drum spins around and comes to rest having line up of images with different configuration, resulting in different prize winnings. The actual exciting thing about playing online slots is when progressive jackpots turn insanely high reaching millions.

Video poker

Video poker game aims to bring together the most potent poker hand possible. Place a bet and machine deals 5 cards. If you wish to hold any of them press buttons located under them. The cards you did not click gets ditched and you get new ones, which is your final hand. Better hand means better payouts that is low for pairs and huge for straight flush.


Classic table game. Game aims to draw playing cards till face value adds to or close to 21.


Roulette is the ‘KING’ of gambling games. Place a bet on the numbers visible on the wheel. Dealer spins the wheel, drops silver ball inside that bounces and as wheel slows down the ball comes to rest in a slot, which is the winning number.

Craps, Baccarat, Tri card poker, Keno, let em ride, etc. are other specialty games you can enjoy.

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