The Ultimate Guide to betist betting


When one first enters a bookmaker’s official website, one is confronted with incomprehensible numbers, which are quite difficult to curb at first. But to become a professional bettor, it is necessary to learn not only the basics of a betting company but also the key concepts. It is this knowledge that will help you to avoid getting confused and losing all your savings.

In the world of betting, several topics are a springboard for successful battles with bookmakers:

  1. Careful analysis of your future bet online – your win will directly depend on it
  2. Prudent financial management – i.e. a sensible and balanced distribution of your money.
  3. A complete integration of all of the above.

Proper analysis – there are several basic components. The fate of your entire betting activity depends on it. Some of the main aspects can be highlighted:

  • Try to bet on sports you know well. For instance, if you only like football, then bet on that sport and not others.
  • Your betting should be based on quality, not quantity. That means you should not try to analyze many different events on the same day. It is better to do it with 3-4 matches, and that will be enough.
  • Analyzing a sporting event should be approached creatively, without rushing, and pay attention to any little things. A good and successful bet online in India should never be done in a hurry.
  • Don’t risk a lot of money, even if you are very confident about a certain event (like winning your favorite team). An even distribution of your money (bankroll) will always be the key to your betting success. Learn how to manage it properly!
  • It is advisable to try your hand at so-called “virtual bookmakers” or prediction contests first.

Bonus programs

Bonus programs on its bet you want to make. Almost every bookmaker offers customers bonus programs. The tip of the iceberg, of course, is the welcome bonus for registration. In most cases, the bonuses serve as a nice gift from the bookmaker. However, the bonus policy of betting companies has its pitfalls.

All bonuses do not end up in your betting account but in your so-called “bonus” account. You must read the terms and conditions of the bonus program carefully, so as not to “fall foul” and lose money. As a rule, the rules for wagering the bonus are written there.

To withdraw money from your bonus account, you must place more than one bet at a time according to the terms and conditions. Usually, bookmakers only require you to bet in a Parlay with predetermined odds. Not every beginner can break even. Therefore, the bonus program on is a great tool for attracting new customers.

Where to bet on sports

It is best to bet at trusted bookmakers. Most of the time, such betting sites in India impose requirements on customers, such as identity verification. Also, do not forget about the reviews of real players. Comments from customers allow you to assess the degree of reliability of the betting company and draw the right conclusions.

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